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Funeral Choices

Did you know you have a wide array of choices when it comes to end-of-life arrangements? It's not just about traditional burials and cremations anymore. Today, there are numerous options available, including eco-friendly choices that are becoming increasingly popular among those who value environmental consciousness.

One of the most significant shifts is towards eco-aware options. We stay updated on these choices to inform our customers and are genuinely enthusiastic about the upcoming changes. We believe that offering a variety of choices is crucial in any circumstance, as how one is remembered holds great importance.

For some individuals, having their family visit a grave is not preferred. They might opt to have their ashes scattered in a meaningful location. Others may choose their burial plot in advance, pre-pay for services, and organise their funeral arrangements before their passing. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference. Let us introduce you to some of these options:

Local Woodland sites for burials, which are natural grounds enveloped by trees, plants, and wildlife, creating a serene and tranquil environment. The burial plots are designated with a tree or a small plaque and are open for visits from family and friends. The container where the individual rests would be made of an eco-friendly material that does not impact the area or its surroundings. These natural burial sites can also accommodate scattering ashes or placing them in an environmentally friendly urns during the burial process. Natural burial site plots tend to be more affordable than traditional burials. A memorial service would still take place within the site. very similar procedures would remain. Some examples of sites near to Mansfield, Nottinghamshire are; Tithe Green based in Oxton, Nottinghamshire and Ketton, Rutland.

If you wish to explore other eco options you could look a little more at the Rushcliffe Oaks, Nottingham. This particular crematorium boasts a 9 acre, ecological value site featuring solar generation, renewable energy and a living roof. It is one of the first in the country to be all electric. For more information please visit their website, Rushcliffe Oaks Crematorium.

Cremations/ Scattering of ashes;

Did you know that you can have your ashes put into fireworks?! Heavenly Stars fireworks provide a service where you can create a display of fireworks that all contain some of the ashes. Fill the sky with colour and sound for the celebration of life. Heavenly Stars Fireworks | Say goodbye to your love in style

Ashes into Glass has become a popular method for transforming ashes into glass stone jewellery that can be worn. This practice provides comfort to family members, allowing them to carry a piece of their loved one wherever they go. Ashes into Glass ® Official Website

The Living Urn UK® | Tree Pod Burial | Memory Trees | Bio Urns UK – thelivingurnuk have developed a biodegradable urn that will grow a tree. The tree can then be planted in your own garden or on a natural burial site with permission.

"Aerial Ashes" offers a unique service of scattering ashes using drones, whether it is over the sea, on land, or even at a distance. 

Armoury Tattoo Studio specialises in crafting personalised tattoos that can incorporate the ashes of your loved ones. Ashes in Tattoo - ARMOURY TATTOO ( 

Here are some ideas to consider. If you want to stand out or if it resonates with the memory of a lost loved one, explore the various options available online.

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