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Get The Most Value From Your Funeral Florals

How to get the most value from your funeral florals.

Funeral flowers are your ultimate gift to your loved one. It's important to get it just right!

Choosing the perfect funeral flowers can be a thoughtful way to honour and remember your loved one. When selecting funeral florals, consider their favourite colours, flowers, or styles to create a meaningful arrangement. Whether you opt for traditional white lilies symbolising peace or vibrant roses representing love or friendship, each bloom can convey a special message. Additionally, you can personalise the arrangement with a heartfelt card or ribbon to add a personal touch. Remember, funeral flowers serve as a beautiful tribute and a lasting memory of your cherished one.

Funeral flowers have a unique way of expressing emotions and paying tribute to those we have lost. They serve as a symbol of love, respect, and remembrance. While white lilies and roses are popular choices for their deep symbolism, you can also consider incorporating other blooms that held special significance to your loved one. Whether it's their favourite bloom or a flower that reminds you of them, each petal can carry fond memories and celebrate the life they lived.

To get the most value from funeral flowers, there are several key tips to keep in mind. Firstly, consider the preferences and personality of your loved one when selecting the flowers. Choose blooms that reflect their tastes or symbolise something meaningful to them. Additionally, opt for high-quality flowers that are in season. Opting for seasonal florals usually results in a higher supply, which helps lower costs while ensuring top quality. These flowers often boast long stems, larger sprays, thick stems for stability, and a remarkable appearance with a high petal count and large head size.

When choosing floral arrangements, it's important to consider the service provider you opt for. Generally, florals ordered through funeral directors come at a 20% higher cost compared to purchasing directly from a local florist. This price difference is due to the charges imposed by the florist and the additional fees added by the directors. Moreover, the florists selected by the directors may not be local; they could be from a distant area or a central head office that dispatches to all their branches. Consequently, deliveries from these providers usually arrive at funeral homes on Fridays for Monday services, unlike independent florists who often work on Sundays or early on Mondays to ensure timely delivery.

Although wreaths are a popular choice among customers, it's a misconception that they are the most budget-friendly option. In reality, wreaths tend to be more costly as they require a larger quantity of flowers that are trimmed short, increasing the overall expense. Instead, opting for a small single-ended spray or posy can provide a larger tribute for the same price or even less, as the longer stems create a fuller arrangement.

Another way to maximize the value of funeral flowers is to repurpose them after the service. Consider taking the flowers home, pop them in your garden or opt for an eco friendly spray to breakdown after the service so the florals can be taken by the family for a vase to bring comfort in their own home. You can also dry out some of the flowers to create a keepsake, such as a pressed flower frame or a memorial. At Little Bloomers Florist in Mansfield Woodhouse, we advise our customers to bring home tributes, especially for cremations, as they are typically discarded by the staff within 24 hours.

Lastly, remember that the true value of funeral flowers lies in the sentiment and support they convey to the bereaved. Flowers have a way of providing comfort and solace during difficult times, so choose them thoughtfully to convey your sympathy and love to those who are grieving.

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