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Fresh Vs Faux Wedding Flowers

My opinion fresh every time! Why? No artificial flower looks or smells like a natural fresh flower.

Bias? Most likely but as a florist, passionate about flowers I do not believe you can replicate any bloom with plastic and achieve the same look, texture, shape, style, scent or movement.

Fresh flowers flow. They move with you as you walk. They have texture, they are not identical, they are not the same size, they are not one solid colour, they stand differently, all effecting the overall look.

Personally, for me though it is down to the smell. Have you ever smelt a faux floral? They smell of plastic (as they are!) and the perfumed ones are even worse! Imagine a room filled with plastic flowers that have most likely been used over and over. Then imagine a room full of fresh flowers. Sweet peas, peonies, freesia, jasmine, stocks or lavender. The flowers you choose matter. They will most likely be in every picture taken on your wedding day, fresh flowers are delicate and photograph better than faux. It’s your once in a lifetime event. Set the mood in creating a floral dreamscape of uplifting fragrance. A scent heaven for guests.

Have florals that are for you. Bespoke. See my blog ‘within budget?’ from yesterday (1st March 2023) where I explain further about bespoke florals and how you can choose bespoke within a budget.

My advice to anyone considering artificial flowers due to cost would be quote for both, discuss both options. Fresh flowers really do enhance a look.

There are lots of pros and cons. I just personally think they are better suited to other areas of floristry. It is down to personal preference. There are people that love silk flowers, some unable to tell the difference but it is your choice.

Some people assume faux flowers are cheaper so opt for them for this reason. Not always the case. Some people choose faux as they are travelling with them, they are lighter to hold or for lots of other reasons but you could have dried? This is an option if you haven’t already considered? Dried florals can still carry scent, colour and can be kept afterwards. I just wanted to take this opportunity to give you options and my personal opinion as a florist for many years (lost count!). Explore what works for you on your day.

We offer dried, fresh and artificial florals for all our weddings. Some brides even having a combination. We just don’t want you deciding based on costings. As you may be surprised what you can have. Speak to us. We are happy to discuss options with you. Give us a call or contact us on socials to book a complimentary consultation.

I hope it has given you food for thought.

See you soon,

Emma xx

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