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Providing bespoke wedding florals across the Midlands.

Weddings: Wedding Bouquets

A small selection of our wedding florals. 

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Bridal Flowers

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Choose Bespoke

At Little Bloomers we are incredibly passionate in creating wedding florals bespoke to you! People often worry that bespoke florals increase cost. This is not true! Bespoke just means that we get to know your style and personalise your florals to you. Your chosen florals, your colour palate and style so your day is special and remembered. We promote individuality, embrace difference and work with our couples to produce florals for you and your venue. Who wants the same floral arrangements as the last bride or groom? Absolutely no one! 

We were born creative! Use us! Ask questions, pop in and see us. Let us see what excites you. We really want to talk and discuss your wedding! We want to hear about your quirks and how you would like them incorporated in your day. Your wedding flowers are just as important to us as they are you! We work with hundreds of suppliers and businesses. If we are unable to help, you bet we know someone who can. Keep your wedding insurance low by using independent suppliers. We create the impossible! Literally! I cannot stress enough the importance of us working with you. We want to advise. We are honest as we want your flowers to look amazing on the day. We will be asking to see your dress, as you guessed it we want the florals to compliment it. You are the star of the show. Ain't no one gonna to steal your thunder on your big day! I really do hope you sense our passion from not only myself but also the team. This is what sets us apart and makes us the chosen wedding florist within the east midlands, we have brides and grooms bringing back their relatives and friends as they want on point florals and we can definitely achieve that. We do not shout out about our wedding florals as really we have no need! Those who want to create an individual wedding, bespoke to them and their families come to us, they seek out the very best florist and always find us! 


We are extremely busy. We run a tight ship and availability is limited. We advise all our couples getting married to secure their date as soon as possible. You can call, pop in or direct message on our social media platforms to do this. What is of most important that our time on your chosen day is yours! To secure your wedding date it is £100. This then stops anyone else muscling in! It is your date and you have 100% of our time on that day to create and set up your florals at your chosen destination. From that point we will then work with you, at a time to suit you to begin plans for your wedding. I say plans! Dresses can change, colours can change, arrangements can change! There is no pressure to decide. We have couples book years in advance, we understand that you would perhaps like to choose your dress first or be settled on a colour. We meet three weeks (at the latest) before your big day! At this point we finalise everything then we pre order the very best florals from our suppliers all over the world. 

We are experienced in working with couples from all cultural backgrounds and beliefs. We embrace your ideas your ideas whilst incorporating your traditions and values. We still get asked; so yes! we are LGBTQ+ friendly! Of course! 

Speaking from experience, over twenty years in fact! If you do choose to use another florist please take one thing away from us absolutely free of charge! BESPOKE! Go with bespoke florals! Do not settle for images from a book, do not look at other brides and recreate their bouquets. Have a bouquet for you, tailored to you, sized for you and in your chosen colour. 

We understand everyone has a budget. What is important to us that in speaking to you face to face we can work with your budget. We can quote on everything you would like first. If it is within budget, great! If we are out of budget we can work with you and compromise! We will not be skimping on the couples florals though! However, we maybe able to use larger headed florals to cover area but slightly lower costs in some arrangements or we could look at reducing the sizes of bridesmaids bouquets or streamlining table centrepieces. Get in touch! 

There are lots of ways you can contact us! call, pop in or drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram. We advise couples not to email as they often get found in spam or get missed due to the large amount of daily emails we receive. We are known to get a little 'delete' happy on our mailbox and have deleted by mistake! We are incredibly busy but will always make time for you so book a complimentary consultation and lets get planning!

 Those out of area, worry no more! We are now becoming professionals in video calls and long distance messaging. We had a family recently where we were in the shop with the mother of the bride and they were in Hong Kong on video call. We make it work! Our consultations run daily, out of hours or on weekends to suit yourselves. 

Hope to see you soon! 

Emma xx

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The most memorable day of your life should be nothing less than perfect! Schedule a free consultation with Emma to discuss your wedding flowers in detail and begin to plan for your big day!  

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