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luxury candle

Luxury Matty’s Eco Candles

Sustainable, Eco and Vegan Friendly. Produced in Nottinghamshire. Tins produced in Hull. 


The perfect accompaniment to any bouquet!


"Get ready, you’re about to discover scent heaven!

Our range of ECO Melts and Candles are all hand poured from our refined Coconut and Rapeseed blend meaning

a stronger scent and a longer burn time.


Strong scent that packs a real punch filling your home with our scented candles. The price is phenomenaly great value and once you’ve burned a  Matty’s Candle there’s very little chance of you going back to paraffin. All of our candles are hand poured and sold in tins. We mix the fragrance oil which makes up 10% of the wax and make sure it is scented all the way to the bottom.

Not like those “other” market leaders that just do an ‘inch or two’.

Make the switch to ECO Melts and Candles. With Matty’s Candles

we are against animal testing. our products are not tested on animals.

we do not sell human cosmetics.

we make environmental changes in production and packaging as they become available

we will increase cost if it makes a positive impact to animals or the environment.

we are against fox hunting and badger culling.

we will always support activists who campaign against cruelty and pursue positive environmental changes"

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