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Bespoke Funeral Flowers

Choosing bespoke funeral flowers can be a thoughtful and meaningful way to honour the memory of a loved one who has passed away. Bespoke funeral flowers are custom-designed arrangements that can be tailored to reflect the unique personality, interests, and life of the loved one. By opting for bespoke funeral flowers, you have the opportunity to create a truly personalised tribute that conveys your love and respect in a special way.

At Little Bloomers Florist, we enjoy learning about your loved ones, their passions, and collaborating with you to give them the perfect farewell. Final floral arrangements hold immense significance for us! Our aim is for you to smile and fondly remember happy memories at the funeral. Let's reflect on the happier times and celebrate their life together.

Custom-made items can encompass personal touches like badges, photos, or ornaments. For instance, we crafted a floral arrangement featuring vibrant flowers and a mini putting green adorned with the gentleman's golfing achievement pins alongside his club. His wife then removed the personal items after the service and the arrangement remained.

Unlike pre-made or standard flower arrangements, bespoke funeral flowers allow you to select specific flowers, colours, shapes and designs that hold significance or symbolism for you and the dearly departed. Whether you want to incorporate their favourite blooms, colours that represent their personality, or a design that reflects a cherished memory, bespoke funeral flowers give you the flexibility to create a one-of-a-kind tribute that truly captures the essence of the person you are honouring.

At Little Bloomers Florist in Mansfield Woodhouse, nearly all our tributes are customised. We aim to provide each customer with a tribute that truly reflects their loved one. While many believe that customisation adds value to the product, this is not always the case.

Some of the unique funeral tributes we have crafted include a rag doll, as they were known as 'Doll' by their Nanna. We have also created a sailor's hat and ship for a fallen hero, an RAF tribute for a World War II veteran, a motorbike for an enthusiast, a guitar for a Status Quo fan, a butterfly for a lady who adored them, an angel for a new born, football shields for enthusiasts, a teddy bear for a grandparent's loss, a horse for a lady passionate about equestrianism, and many more! Your final gift should be unforgettable.

In addition, choosing bespoke funeral flowers can also provide comfort and solace during a difficult time. The process of selecting and designing custom arrangements can be a therapeutic way to express your emotions and pay tribute to your loved one in a heartfelt and personal manner. If you are interested in exploring a personalised funeral tribute with us, please feel free to call or visit us for further information.

Just a few of our bespoke tributes.

Emma xx

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