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Organising a funeral

Not sure where to begin?

Confused about what to do?

Let us help you navigate this process and provide guidance.

While there isn't a specific sequence or right way to proceed, taking the initial steps can feel intimidating for many. From our business and personal experience, we have always found funeral directors to be incredibly supportive. They will discuss all the options with you regarding burial choices like cremation or traditional burial, as well as additional choices. This includes preferences such as where or how you want the ashes scattered, how you want to honour your loved one, and how you want your religion or culture reflected in the ceremony, among other considerations.

After completing the initial funeral arrangements, such as registering the death and choosing a directors the next step typically involves visiting the florist. This is where you can select the flowers you prefer. We have additional blog posts dedicated to funeral flowers, which can be incredibly beneficial. I won't go over that information again, so please visit those posts for more details.

We consistently suggest opting for local and independent businesses as it contributes to your community. Dealing with independent businesses often offers a more personalised experience, supports local employment, and bolsters the local economy. Fortunately, we have a multitude of exceptional funeral directors in our area, each worthy of recommendation. Our guidance focuses solely on customising the funeral to your preferences. Do you desire a wider selection of cars, a horse-drawn carriage, or a traditional funeral? Consider the number of guests attending, as this will influence our recommendation for the right service provider. If you need help with this get in touch.

When visiting your preferred florist, take time to browse through images, review their portfolio, request a customised arrangement for a special touch, or opt for the increasingly popular eco-friendly options. It's essential to consider your loved one's preferences and personality. Were they bold? opt for vibrant colours! Were they more classic? Stick to traditional white and green arrangements. To stay within budget, select seasonal flowers and seek advice from the florist on budget maximisation. Inquire about delivery costs, as some florists charge for this service. Personalisation fees may also apply for cards and special touches, so it's wise to clarify these details upfront.

Once your flowers are ordered, the florist will deliver them to your specified location, typically the funeral directors'. At Little Bloomers, we deliver the flowers two hours before the funeral. Any deliveries made earlier are usually upon request from the directors, considering different circumstances. Once the flowers leave our care, we cannot ensure they are stored in an ideal environment. Storage rooms may be hot or limited in space, so we aim to keep the flowers with us for a maximum time to maintain their quality. Our priority is for the flowers to look flawless for the funeral service.

The flowers belong to you. Families have the option to take them home, dry or press some flowers, display them during the celebration of life, or incorporate them into their garden. Feel free to enjoy them as you wish, depending on your personal preferences. Typically, burials maintain the flowers present as families often revisit the burial site or prefer it to be colourful and decorated. Remember, it's entirely up to you, and there is no right or wrong way. Families may wonder if they should take them or if it's unusual, but rest assured, it is perfectly acceptable! Crematoriums and places of worship where your loved one rests will remove flowers that are in poor condition at their expense. By taking them, you can appreciate and preserve them, avoiding those disposal costs. It’s actually a helpful gesture as they encourage families to take the flowers.

When organising a funeral for the first time, be honest about your experience to receive guidance from florists and directors. Florists can recommend local businesses, venues, and funeral directors. They can provide advice on flower arrangements like wreaths, which are not always budget-friendly due to the amount of flowers needed as explained further in a previous blog. Flowers symbolise love, comfort, and respect, and are a final gift to loved ones. Different cultures express love through elaborate floral tributes, like travellers with large processions and personalised flower arrangements. Choose what suits you and your family when honouring your loved one.

On choosing your florals you can then add final details and touches that are more personal.

Do you have a celebrant, pastor, or imam for the service? Typically, they will schedule a meeting with your family to go over specifics like eulogies and service preferences.

During this period, you can also arrange the printing of the order of service once all the details for the service have been confirmed. It's a perfect opportunity to dig out old photographs and incorporate some of your cherished memories.

Finally, we suggest utilising the free-of-charge 'Tell us once' government service. Simply provide your information online or through a paper form, and the service will handle all the bills and accounts. This saves a significant amount of time during a difficult time, as you won't have to reach out to each company or organisation individually.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us or your directors. Remember, no question is too small or insignificant.

Thank You

Emma xx

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